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Improving efficiency of the waste management service in cities

wasteNET is a turnkey solution designed to enable monitoring of the filling levels of the underground waste containers. That information is used by responsible service providers to optimize the collection routes and timing. Combined with the monitoring of the garbage collection vehicles, the solution offers the complete waste management and monitoring of utilization.

Main features:

  • Real time view of the fill levels of waste containers and position/activity of the vehicles
  • Optimization of the waste collection routes enabling optimized use of resources (personnel, fuel reduction) as well as reduction of traffic and CO2 emissions
  • Alerting in case of fire in containers helping with reduction of damage and potential casualties
  • API for integration with other ICT systems, including the existing fleet management systems

Expected impact:

At least 20% less kilometers driven. This lower percentage of kilometers will lead to a CO2 emissions reduction of 20%.

SDG goals

UN sustainability development goals.

SDG 11 12

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