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We create turnkey IoT solutions to help develop cities and everyday life into smarter, safer and more efficient environments. Check our solutions DIGITALware background

Turnkey interoperable digital solutions for business and urban life

Our turnkey solutions help in this challenging time through operational flexibility, risk reduction and cost reduction, leveraging industry best practices combined with standardized interfaces and data formats to ensure smooth and efficient development.


Digital City Platform

Built around open-source technologies, data standards and interfaces. No vendor lock-in. Extendable by 3rd parties.

  • Central place for processing data from all smart city applications
  • Standardized interfaces and data formats to ensure interoperability and to avoid application silos
  • Public, private or hybrid cloud deployment to suit different needs and to easily comply with national and international data privacy legislations
  • Built on open source technologies, with well-defined and open interfaces
  • Single sign-on for all city services
  • Visualization and reporting framework for the city-wide, crossapplication views
Smart city Solutions
ekoNET, myCITY, parkNET, careNET, fleetNET

Smart city solutions

We developed a suite of solutions for a smart city, built on the Microsoft Azure platform, and they include IoT and AI technologies. Our city solutions are modular and customizable enabling clients to combine them as they wish: they can use the whole package of the services provided or select just those services they currently need.

Leverage the power of the global smart city community
  • Common data models, breaking vertical silos
  • DTDL-based smart city ontology based on ETSI CIM NGSI-LD, FIWARE, OASC, Saref4City, Synchronicity inputs
  • APIs based on Synchronicity APIs
  • OASC MIMs (Minimum Interoperability Mechanism) approach

Officium – Facility management system Learn more

Management of maintenance of buildings, machinery, and equipment, work organization,
simpler and more efficient fieldwork across multiple locations simultaneously.


UN Sustainability Development Goals

The Internet of Things paves the way for greener, smarter environments.
IoT has the potential to contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs
and manage the major global challenges of our present and future. 

sdg goals

Ensuring smooth and efficient development of your bussiness and everyday life

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