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More efficient and active collaboration with citizens

myCity is a mobile application designed to enable citizens to notify public administration about the problems observed in the city (broken city furniture, damaged road, etc.) as well as to commend exemplary public officials and services at any time and from any place. The same application is used to obtain information about the submitted observations, i.e. the progress of their resolution. The application facilitates increased transparency of public services and the quality of services provided by the city to the fellow citizens.

Main features:

  • Improved observability of events in the city
  • More efficient identification and resolution of communal issues
  • Active involvement of citizens in improvement of the city services
  • Improved satisfaction of citizens due to increased transparency and better interaction with the public administration
  • API for integration with other ICT systems

Expected impact:

Improved satisfaction of citizens and better visibility into the events in the city.

SDG goals

UN sustainability development goals.

SDG 11

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