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Understanding the air we’re breathing and the noise we hear

ekoNET is a turnkey solution designed for continuous monitoring of the air quality and the noise levels. It is a cost-efficient solution that can be used to create a granular network of monitoring stations required to understand the trends on micro-locations and the factors impacting changes, thus facilitating city-wide planning aiming to create higher quality of living. The solution can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. High-quality sensors, designed for the environment monitoring purposes, are used.

Main features:

  • Real-time view of the air quality and the noise levels across the city (1 minute resolution)
  • Export measurements in different formats
  • Automatic CAQI calculation with graphical and audio representation
  • Cloud-based, individual sensor calibration
  • API for integration with other ICT systems

Expected impact:

Improved understanding of the air and noise quality leading to the better quality living conditions for all citizens.

SDG goals

UN sustainability development goals.

SDG 11 13

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