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Efficient elderly support care

careNET is a turnkey solution that combines a simple wearable and powerful machine learning algorithms to support care givers to provide higher quality service in a more efficient manner, and the elderly by giving them a piece of mind knowing that the support is readily available while they are living safely and independently. The solution monitors the activities of the elderly, the periods of rest, sleep and movement at their home as well as periods spent outdoors, and can be extended with sensors like temperature and SpO2 for COVID-19 related treatments.

Main features:

  • Machine learning based detection of the daily activities (resting, moving, outdoors)
  • Real-time and historical view of the daily activities
  • Improved quality of service
  • Integration with the eHealth services to provide data to selected medical personnel
  • API for integration with other ICT systems

Expected impact:

Improved quality of elderly support care and costs of institutional care.

SDG goals

UN sustainability development goals.

SDG 3 11

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